Perfume Desert Gems

Synonymous with opulence and sensorial richness, mystery and majesty, Middle East perfumery is part of a precious and preserved ancestral cultural heritage which transcends space and time. As an embodiment of the spirit of excellence and boldness, the Desert Gems collection is an ode to ambery perfumery, oud, and its powerful essence: The Night, Promise, Dawn and The Moon.

The Night

by Dominique Ropion

A scent for connoisseurs with an unprecedented amount of natural oud, likely the most precious on the market. An olfactory experience that transcends reason, evoking a carnal sensation.

Amber Floral
Rose Turque, Oud, Santal, Incense


Bulgarian and Turkish roses, intertwined with the sensuality of a patchouli accord, cypriol, and labdanum, creating an illusion of oud that reveals itself on the skin. In its wake, an irresistible attraction emerges, recognizable to enthusiasts among a thousand.

Woody Floral
Pepper, Rose, Amber, Patchouli


Oud supported by a burst of fresh rose and invigorating pink pepper, followed by the warmth of labdanum and frankincense. An ode to the colors of dawn.

Amber Leathery
Turkish Rose, Oud, Amber, Oak Moss


The Moon

by Julien Rasquinet

A fragrance that expresses both sweetness and voluptuousness: sumptuous, warm, refined, where rose, oud, and frankincense are surprised by a lively abundance of red berries.

Amber Fruity
Oud, Blackberry, Turkish Rose


Oud, The gold of fragrances.


The most precious ingredient of all, oud is the scented resin from a tree originating in Asia. Used for centuries for its medicinal and spiritual properties, it is an iconic feature of Middle-Eastern culture and fragrances.


A rare ingredient, with a powerful and mystical whisper, that Les Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle enhances through the Desert Gems collection.


The Night unveils absolute oud, used in inordinate amounts.


For Promise, it’s oud behind a smokescreen, enhanced by the rose, which reveals itself on the skin.


With Dawn, it unleashes its brilliance, like an ode to the first light of dawn, to become celestial and flamboyant in The Moon.


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