Carlos Benaïm is considered to be America’s greatest living perfumer. He owes his success to a great intellectual curiosity that has always pushed him to embrace a world beyond the boundaries of perfume making. He discovered perfumery as a child through his father, who was a pharmacist in Morocco and had a passion for extracting essential oils. “Every summer,” Carlos Benaïm remembers: “my father and I would drive our Jeep through the countryside, in and out of picking and distillation spots, and I would feel his enthusiasm intensifying." He later acquired a deep knowledge of perfume composition under the tutelage of the renowned American perfumer Ernest Shiftan.


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Over the years and through many a trial, Carlos Benaïm and Frédéric Malle’s working relationship has developed into one of great professional intimacy. Carlos Benaïm enjoyed full use of the rare freedoms and vast resources the house is able to offer, particularly in the choice of raw ingredients and the time left for creation.Together, they composed Eau de Magnolia, Music for a While and Dawn.


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