Perfume Designers

Frédéric Malle and his Perfume Designers want the same things: creative freedom, access to the highest quality raw materials, and time. Together they collaborate as authors would with an editor, constantly revisiting compositions to the point of perfection, and always striving to create the modern classics of tomorrow.


one of our 12 perfumers


As Edmond Roudnitska’s only student, Pierre Bourdon was informed early on by the philosophy that perfumes should be created as works of art. With this in mind, Pierre went on to revolutionize perfume trends in the 1980s with his men’s perfume “Cool Water” for Davidoff. That was when he met Frédéric Malle. Having realized that they shared the same vision of perfume making, the two became like family to one another. It was obvious to Frédéric, when he created Editions de Parfums, that Pierre should compose its first perfume, Iris Poudre.

Pierre and Frédéric had grown up under the same spell of Dior Parfums, where their parents both had established careers. After graduating from the Paris Institute of Political Studies, the childhood spell caught up with Pierre and, like Frédéric, he enrolled at Roure Bertrand Dupont in Grasse.

Pierre discusses his collaboration with Frédéric.


the perfume


For the man who would not normally wear perfume; who believes in naked attraction and relies on the simple seductive power of his rugged appearance. The spicy freshness of pimiento, angelica and juniper flowers melts into a woody sea of cedar, patchouli, and vetiver, bound by galbanum and frankincense in a mysterious enhancement of men’s natural scent.



<p <span style="color:#000000;"><span style="font-size:12px;">FREDERIC MALLE </span></span></p>IRIS POUDRE <p <span style="color:#000000;"><span style="font-size:12px;">FREDERIC MALLE </span></span></p>IRIS POUDRE
by Pierre Bourdon
100ML Spray